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How the Cover Glass System Creates a Magical Home Dining Experience

Posted by Laura Jean Holton on Jun 14, 2018 12:56:38 PM

There's something special about dining in a room that blurs the boundary between the indoors and the outdoors. It's kind of like picnicking without the ants and the mosquitos, yet with all the beauty of the sunlight, green trees and grasses, flowers or, in the case of an evening meal, a starlit sky.

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How Cover Glass Completely Transforms Your Home Living Experience

Posted by Laura Jean Holton on Jun 7, 2018 3:41:10 PM

When you're looking to transform your home, it's important to look at the ways to do this, and Cover Glass offers an array of options that completely changes your home living experience.  

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4 Amazing Features of the Revolutionary Cover Glass System

Posted by Matt Cohen on May 23, 2018 5:01:03 PM

Imagine an entire wall of glass that's a system of frameless doors, allowing you a unique, uninterrupted view of the outside. 

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4 Frameless Sliding Glass Color Variations

Posted by Laura Jean Holton on May 18, 2018 11:04:00 AM

Every architectural feature of a home needs to keep in mind the style of the property. Sliding glass doors are no exception.

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Cover Glass Project of the Month [Before and After Installation]

Posted by Matt Cohen on May 11, 2018 5:04:54 PM

Boasting an incredible ocean-front view of the Pacific, the Liebman’s came to Cover Glass with the idea of transforming their indoor/outdoor living space into something gorgeously efficient.

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Topics: home renovation, Home Design, top hung glass systems

10 Interior Design Influencers on Instagram You Need To Follow

Posted by Matt Cohen on May 4, 2018 1:49:06 PM

As a homeowner that’s looking for inspiration and ideas to transform your home’s interiors into a reflection of your style and tastes, you can never go wrong with Instagram.

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8 Home Builder Marketing Tips to Skyrocket your Business

Posted by Matt Cohen on Apr 26, 2018 12:05:31 PM

Through the years, Cover Glass has worked with a good number of successful home builders and contractors. What we’ve learned during that period is that the best of them know exactly how to make their businesses stand out.

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4 Photos That Prove Frameless Glass Enhance Waterfront Views

Posted by Laura Jean Holton on Apr 18, 2018 11:01:31 AM

If your home has a waterfront view, you need to be making the most of it. A window is good, frameless glass is better, but a frameless sliding glass wall is best of all.

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Topics: Southern California Glass Wall Systems, frameless glass patio doors

Here Are Your 4 Breathtaking Glass Door Opening Combinations

Posted by Laura Jean Holton on Apr 11, 2018 1:47:54 PM

When you’re looking to install sliding glass doors in your home, one of the first decisions is often how you will use the window.

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Topics: Frameless Glass Walls, transition spaces, Home Design

Why Top Hung Glass Systems Are the Better Option for Your Home

Posted by Laura Jean Holton on Apr 4, 2018 11:26:32 AM

The major debate when it comes to sliding glass door systems is whether top hung or bottom rolling is better.

Before purchasing a sliding glass system for your home, you need to think about the pros and cons of the two options, as they have vastly different things to offer in terms of safety, function, and aesthetics.

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