For many homeowners, their sliding glass door is one of the most important features of their home. It provides easy access to the outdoors and lets in natural light and air.


But when your sliding glass door starts to malfunction or isn't working properly anymore, what are your replacement options? In this blog post, we'll explore some of the different replacement options available for homeowners with a malfunctioning or outdated sliding glass door.


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In this article we will be covering the following points in more detail: 

1. Consider the purpose of your door
2. Decide on a style
3. Look at the different types of glass in order to find the best option for you and your home
4. Find out which type of door is most affordable for you
5. Learn about all the benefits that come with having a new sliding glass door installed in your home


What purpose do you use your Sliding Glass Door For?



Before you can decide on what type of patio doors to replacement your old sliding glass doors, you need to determine what purposes you will be using these new doors for. Some questions you might want to ask yourself are: 


  • How was I using my patio doors in the past?
  • Was I taking advantage of the outdoor space I have? 
  • How would I like to use my outdoor patio space in the future? 
  • Do I have a nice view and could use patio doors that offer larger openings?
  • Do i need more light in this area of the house that larger sliding glass doors can offer? 


After you have a better idea of how you will be using your new patio doors, then we can move on to the style of doors you'll want! 


Patio door style options


With architectural designs getting more and more creative, there are now a plethora of sliding glass door options to choose from! here are some of the well known patio door styles and some you might of never even heard of! 


That's a lot to choose from isn't it!? Did you know there was this many options when it comes to patio door styles? If you didn't, trust me, you're not alone! Now that you know you're options, I suggest you dive a little deeper into each style to determine which options you would consider for your home. To learn more details about each patio door style, check out this blog article from


Types of glass for your patio doors

The most common type of glass is tempered glass. Tempered glass is used to make sliding doors more resistant against breakage. The material breaks into small pieces when impacted, rather than leaving large lingering dangers inside your home or business like regular window panes would do. 


Reflective glass can be used to reduce heat gain into the living space, as it reflects sunlight away. Energy efficiency is important and one popular type of reflective glass that's available on today’s market are low-emissivity (or Low- E Glass)  which have a coating applied for this purpose so they'll help keep your home cool during hot summer months even more than regular windows do. These days, most windows are made up of two pieces of reflective glass sealed together with an airspace—usually filled gas. They're commonly referred to as "insulating" or 'dual panes'.


Our company has took it a one step further and sealed two pieces of tempered glass together and laminated with an industrial lamination. This makes the glass 5x stronger than regular glass! Perfect to handle any weather conditions. To get more info about our glass and our unique sliding glass door system. please visit our website by clicking the link in the paragraph.


What's your budget?


As you can imagine, some of these doors don't come cheap so it's important to understand how much you're willing to spend on your new patio door investment. That's the good thing about replacing your patio doors, it's always considered an investment because the money is going into your asset. Now if you'e shopping on a tight budget, you must determine what features are a must and which ones you can live without. If money isn't an issue, then just skip this section and learn about the benefits the patio doors of your dreams can offer you! 


As for the rest of us, you're going to need to ask yourself some more tough questions like, what features do I really need and what patio door company can offer that at the most affordable price? You'll also want to consider the cost of hiring a good general contractor to manage it all, or if doing it yourself might be an option Most patio door companies just manufacture the product, they don't actually do the installations process. Having a quality GC will be vital if you decided to go with a manufacture that doesn't do installs. Cover Glass USA on the other hand manufactures and installs our frameless glass door system in house. We work directly with your GC to make sure everything fits properly and you're left with a beautiful finish. 


Upgrading Your Patio Door benefits

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No matter what style of patio doors you decide to go with, i'm sure it's been YEARS since you've had an upgrade done so you'll be sure to reap to benefits that come with new doors! One of the most noticeable difference will be with the look! Even the most basic new patio doors are lightyears ahead of the outdated doors.  Another feature will be functionality. i'm sure the reason you're replacing your patio doors in the first place is because they stopped working properly. Again, even the standard sliding glass doors you get today are designed with functionality first in mind. The ingenuity that goes into these system is quite unbelievable. Some of these humongous doors that weight hundreds if not thousands of pounds and can lifts and pushed with such little effort! 


No depending on what system you choose, you can enjoy quite more benefits than others... Our frameless sliding glass door systems is unlike anything else on the market. We're one of the few completely frameless systems out there and we're for sure the only frameless system that does the installation process ourselves. It's all we do! So you can be sure you're working with a company that know's what they're doing. 


If you're interested in learning more about our One-Of-A-Kind System, check out some of our other blog! If you've been looking for a product like this all your life and ready to get a free quote, Complete this contact form below! We'll get you a quote within 48 hours!







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