Factory Direct Slidng Glass Doors

Factory direct sliding glass doors have been around for quite some time, and for good reasons. There’s no denying the fact that they are super convenient and attractive. They hit the nail on the head by giving you access to sunshine and light, ample ventilation, and wider views of nature. 

However, for the best customer experience, you have to make sure that they are installed properly. There are a few problems that customers often face while ordering the factory direct sliding glass outdoors. Today that would be the premise of our discussion.


Some of the most common problems that you might face while ordering factory direct sliding glass doors are...


  • Improper Installation


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Factory direct glass orders are easy to install, but incorrect measurements can give you headaches during installation. So, before pursuing the options on the category of a sliding glass door, make sure you have thoroughly inspected your home’s interior and outdoor composition. Sliding glass doors have the ability to completely transform your home’s look and feel.


Crooked panels may also be the culprit and keep your sliding glass door from fitting perfectly into its frame. The major causes behind the crooked panel are damaged hinges and loose screws. Apart from that, some sliding doors can be a little difficult to operate. Sometimes it may need more than just a little push to open or close. In that case, you might have to reinstall the door. And worst case scenario, you’ll be stuck with doors that won’t fit at all and will have to be replaced, which in most cases, you’ll have to take a loss and order new doors. 


With Cover Glass USA, we manufacture and install our own doors. There is no outside vendor to deal with and you will never be responsible if something like an improper installation happens. We take care of the entire process from start to finish

  • Damaged Glass 

There are several reasons for broken glass. Environmental problems and daily accidents can fog the doors, cracked, or chipped. Poorly sealed products can also cause the glass to shatter. Glass is the most crucial part of the door, so any minor scratch on it can lead to a bigger problem. You might have to replace the entire door because of this. We have run into some of these issues ourselves, but because we are the manufacturer and installer, you’ll never have to come out of pocket for replacing the glass, we will take care of any issues with our glass. 


  • Door’s Location

Which part of your home do you want your sliding glass door to be? In the case of a small space, you can’t choose a 4-panel sliding glass door. Always check for the furniture in your room to determine which location will suit it the most. What if you install a bi-fold glass door and there is not even enough space to open it? The size and shape of your home are crucial factors that help you match the door to your available space.  Our frameless folding glass door system has a variety of opening options that make it super convenient for even small openings to be accommodated. We can have the system open from either side and open outwards or inwards, giving you the choice to see which option would work best for your space. 


  • Gaps In The Door 

Most homeowners choose a door for their home that doesn’t fit into the framework properly. Often there are gaps left in the door, which lets lots of dirt and insects into the room. Your energy bills may also peak because the air from the heating or cooling system has a smooth way to go out of the room. With Cover Glass USA, this will never be a problem, again because we are  the manufacturers and installers of the system, we will ensure a proper fit for every system and in between our panels we have translucent interlocking channels to ensure a proper seal. 


  • Compromised Locks 


The locking mechanisms are the most common problem with sliding glass doors. These days, most sliding glass doors come with simple latches that determine intruders easily. It is important to install the doors with a sophisticated locking mechanism. At Cover Glass USA, We have a variety of locking options that our customers can choose from. All of which, make it virtually impossible for intruders to entire your home! Click here to get more info on our locking system


  • Glass Type

Find out which type of glass your home needs. Usually, Low-E glass is ranked as the top quality glass for your sliding glass doors. It can be a great reason for lowering your energy bills as its coating prevents the entry of UV rays into your home. This is the type of glass we use for every project. We actually take it a step further and laminate 2 pieces of tempered glass together to create an even stronger and more UV protected glass. 


Decorative glass is another category of glass that you can select. It protects your privacy and also adds a nice design element to your home. Sliding glass doors with built-in blinds are also available. The two panels of glass have blinds in between them. However, you can easily open or close them from the outside. Make sure to determine it before ordering the factory direct sliding glass outdoors, as choosing an inappropriate glass may lead to problems later on. 



Factory direct sliding glass doors offer undeniable benefits, but they can also pose aesthetic and safety snags, especially if they haven’t been ordered correctly. Those mentioned above are the problems that you may encounter while ordering them. Consider going through them, so you don’t end up shelling out your money on a useless factory direct glass door. 


Or if going through a company like ours that manufactures the doors in house and does the installation making the entire process streamlined and producing an even better finished product with our frameless system makes more sense, then feel free to get more information on our product by visiting our website


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