In the increasingly competitive market of hospitality, luxury hotels and resorts face finding ways to provide the highest-quality experience possible for their guests through opulent interior design. Frameless glass walls in hotels have become one of the most popular commercial design trends to achieve aesthetic success in creating this luxurious environment. Frameless glass walls, windows, and door systems make a perfect blend of functionality, design, and comfort that take hotels to the next level in interior design. 


Cover Glass USA specializes in bringing new ideas to the commercial space by combining innovative technology, cutting-edge design, and world-class service. Whether you want to embrace natural light or open up a space, Cover Glass has the power to completely transform your hotel property much as we did for our project with La Valencia Hotel


With tourism expected to make its long-awaited return this year, what better time to give your hotel the upgrade it deserves? Here are two brilliant ways to use frameless glass walls in hotels that will WOW your guests. 

La Valencia Hotel, La Jolla, CA

Benefits of Frameless Glass Walls for Hotels

Imagine a sliding glass door system that creates seamless transitions and multifunctional areas that enhance your hotel’s square footage while creating an elegant atmosphere for guests. That is exactly what you get with Cover Glass products. Instead of succumbing to a fixed glass door frame’s limitations, you eliminate an entire wall, which in turn extends usable space and increases functionality. Installing frameless glass sliding systems in your hotel: 


  • Allows for free-flowing natural light while protecting indoor spaces 
  • Provides an elegant aesthetic that improves guest satisfaction 
  • Offers adjustable entrances based on weather conditions or occasion 
  • Provides the opportunity to create new types of entrances like corner doors 
  • Optimizes commercial square footage, making spaces feel larger  
  • Creates flexible multifunctional spaces 
  • Increases accessibility and foot traffic 


Frameless glass is the ultimate opulent, functional decor element that will allow your guests to feel like royalty while immersing themselves in nature. Whether it be the presidential suite or an expansive balcony, there is nothing that will frame your guest’s view better than frameless glass.

Hotel with glass walls

2 Ways To Use Frameless Glass Walls in Hotels

Now that you know the benefits of frameless glass installations, here are two ways to incorporate Cover Glass into your luxury hotel layout: 


Exterior Frameless Glass

If first impressions are everything, then the facade of your hotel may be the most crucial design element. Hotel exteriors immediately define the character of the property and often become its most distinctive feature. Frameless glass has the power to completely transform an outdoor space and create a showstopping first impression for your guests. 


Installing frameless glass walls on the exterior of your hotel is a fantastic way to provide breathtaking views for your guests, whether they’re in their room or the lobby. Similarly, oversized sliding glass hospitality doors are a powerful way to make a statement as soon as your guests set eyes on the property. Because outdoor spaces will continue to be a popular 2021 trend in hospitality, using sliding glass doors as dividers is the perfect way to define outdoor and indoor spaces without disrupting the area’s flow with traditional doors and walls. 

hotel lobby

When working with exterior frameless glass walls in hotels, it’s important to keep environmental factors in mind. Work with your architect to conduct a thorough study to ensure optimum lighting and HVAC efficiency and examine whether the proportion of glass and solid walls affects energy consumption. The external architectural concept of frameless glass is not only eco-friendly, but it will also make your hotel recognizable and unique, enhancing its popularity and success.


Best Cover Glass Options for Exterior Frameless Glass:

  • Continuous Glass Doors- Folding glass doors without vertical frames between the glass panels. Instead, they interlock directly into each adjacent panel with a UV protected translucent polycarbonate channel that tightly seals, ensuring you’re still protected against the elements and leaving your space free of bulky obstructions.
  • Multiple Combinations- Because each folding glass door panel slides individually, Cover Glass USA’s Frameless Sliding Glass Door Systems offer the unique ability to open your system however you see fit. Open one to use as a door, open a few when entertaining, or create air gaps to get some fresh air. 


Frameless Glass Room Dividers

Maximizing square footage is one of, if not the top priority for hotel owners because, let’s face it, the more square footage you have, the more profit you can make. However, jam-packing your guests into tiny rooms won’t exactly garner you the Hotel of the Year Award. Thanks to the depth, breadth, and flexibility of our unique glass system, you can now fully optimize the space in your hotel while still offering your guests comfort and functionality. 

Luxury hotel room

Frameless glass room dividers save space in a room that a classic wall would traditionally take up. Glass dividers also make rooms look bigger and brighter by using natural lighting to enhance a space. Frameless glass bathroom dividers have been a popular trend in the hospitality industry that allow parts of the bathroom to be visible through the room’s main spaces causing the room to look bigger and more open while still offering privacy. You can install frameless glass walls in virtually any area where you would put a traditional wall. Just make sure you work with your architect to ensure the proper considerations are being made for sound and visual insulation. Since glass is a transparent material, it’s essential to prioritize guest privacy, so make sure that aesthetic appeal doesn’t come at the expense of guest comfort. 


Best Cover Glass Options for Frameless Glass Room Dividers:

  • Top Hung System- We take all the weight from the underside of the header by design and input a wheel guide bottom track. Top hung systems prevent you from lifting or prying out panels, an added security benefit. 
  • Flexible Track Design- Offers the ability to create unique openings and layouts and works with various angles. As long as we have the appropriate channel to seal the corner, we can build a custom frameless glass door that is perfect for your hotel project. 

Room standing in front of her hotel room's sliding glass doors

Install Exceptional Frameless Glass in Your Hotel

Frameless glass walls in hotels are an elegant addition to any property that welcomes the outside indoors. Cover Glass creates open concept systems that slide and seamlessly stack according to your vision and structural conditions with no frames around our folding glass walls and doors.


Cover Glass is fully approved by the National Certified Testing Laboratories. We only use the latest generation of Low-E glass that has been tempered and laminated, with polished edges. Each system is custom built-to-order at our distributor locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. From the glass color to the track color to the swing and size of each panel, you’ll enjoy frameless glass door system for years to come, knowing you’ve contributed to every part of the design.


Ready to bring the magic of frameless glass to your hotel? Request an online consultation to connect with a member of our team and find out how frameless glass can transform your property. 


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