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The world can be an extremely stressful place, but your home can offer a respite, an oasis even, from the daily grind. You work hard and deserve to enjoy the luxury of your home. Unorganized design and clutter can scatter the mind and leave you feeling frazzled before you even leave the house. Take a conscious approach to your interior design and management and you’ll have a sanctuary to look forward to at the end of a tiring day. Take the time to focus your space in a more personal way, tailoring it to your lifestyle and growth. Create the perfect at-home oasis and you’ll feel rejuvenated each morning, and again at the end of your day.

How to Make Your Next Trip a Staycation


Clutter and Clean Lines

Personalize your world. Do it in a way, however, that doesn’t over-busy the mind. A busy mind can tend to wander off in various directions that don’t lead you to where you want to ultimately be. A relaxed state of mind is a pleasant state of mind, so minimize the clutter in your life and deplete the distractions harbored in your subconscious by the haphazard clutter filling your world.

Decorate with furniture and ornamental items that aren’t too “busy” or have too much going on. Nice and modern, elegant styles are more soothing, and clean lines in the fabrics and the structure of the furniture calm the mind. Make your oasis your own, but be selective and consider how important every functional and decorative element is to your daily life. In the end, ask yourself if it fulfills the end goal, “Does this soothe me? Am I more relaxed because of it?”



Color is compelling, it has been shown that a room’s color can affect your mood. You can take the time to set your intended mood by orchestrating the color scheme of your home oasis. Colors can have emotional, physical, and psychological effects on us, and in varying ways depending on the person. Relax at home more peacefully with earthy and natural colors. Use soft tones like white and grey and shades of beige or pink-beige. The chromatic harmony and visual continuity you can introduce into your decor and with the shades and hues of paint on your walls is worth achieving if you’ll only invest in getting it done.



For a more calm and peaceful design, incorporate elements of nature into your home. If you have beautiful scenery, you could renovate the wall facing your natural vantage point to include more of the nature surrounding your home. Virtually any arrangement of frameless sliding glass doors and windows you can conceive is achievable with modern precision engineering.

Plants have a calming effect, so whether you decide to include houseplants, or you want to let in more of the natural light from your surroundings, bringing in greenery has a naturally soothing effect on the brain. Greenery can make us happier.

Natural aromas are pleasing to the mind, as well. One’s sense of smell is closely linked to memory. Familiar smells can be powerful enough to transport you to places and memories on a more visceral level than the rest of your senses. Your olfactory senses can help enhance the “staycation quality” of your at-home oasis. Look for natural-scented candles and essential oils that remind you of calming places and times like the balmy sands of a beach, the quiet stillness of a damp forest, or a hammock swinging in the breeze.


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Natural Materials

There’s nothing finer and more enjoyable than adding softer and more natural materials to your at-home oasis. Smooth solid wood surfaces, natural carpeting and fabrics, and an overall reduction in the total volume of plastic in your household can help enhance the feeling of well-being.

Wooden floors, white and light-colored rugs and parquets, wool carpets and fabrics made of pure organic cotton, or even the extremely soft and natural bamboo fabrics, all can provide a sense of comfort and intimacy in the various rooms of your house. Go for natural materials to make your at-home oasis a great place for a staycation.


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Windows & Lighting

Soft and natural lighting provides a connection to the rhythms and cycles of the natural world. Frameless sliding glass walls, and even interior glass walls, can really open up your environment and even reduce your energy bills as well. Utilizing the natural light available is a convenient way to stay connected with nature from the comfort of your own home. The more elegantly designed exterior patio doors are usually comprised of frameless sliding glass. Glass patio doors offer a practical and chic option to opening up your at-home oasis to the outdoors.


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Fluorescent lighting can feel harsh and artificial. A quick fix is to mood-lighting is to fill your home sanctuary with more soothing varieties of light like daylight mimicking light bulbs or candle lighting. Having a variety of smaller light sources lets you set the ambiance to the mood you’re in or the mood that you’re trying to achieve. Consider wall-mounted reading lights if you like to read in bed, and experiment with combinations of lamp sets and floor lamps in different sitting and dining areas throughout the home.


Technology Free Zones

Eliminating clutter also means eliminating the growing clutter and distraction of technological dependence encroaching upon your lifestyle. Being connected should be an option, but not your only option. Allowing yourself to disconnect from constant availability and access offers a respite to reset and recharge. Set aside a “technology-free” space that allows you to unplug and focus on spending quality time doing something enjoyable. Detach from the busy modern world and live in the moment. Redefine your staycation to include the delicious distraction-free moments within your at-home oasis.



Leading a stressful life isn’t something to be proud of. There are many health benefits of deep relaxation that can be tapped into by creating more soothing environments. Clutter affects your brain and mixes in the mind to cause uneasy feelings. You may be tempted to just close the door sometimes and stick to select areas of the home, but what kind of oasis is that? Don’t let these unattended areas zap your energy. A little hard work can go a long way and once you begin the process you’ll see it can be a delight to redesign your interior. At the end of a hard day, you will be able to come home to your transformed at-home oasis and decompress in a space you love.


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