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Working from home is often the dream. An elusive goal to be thought about while sitting on the train or stuck in traffic amidst a sea of brake lights. But, if the opportunity presented itself, would you be ready?

Could you come up with a place to work, capable of housing the technology you need and providing enough privacy and storage? These home office design solutions make creating your workspace easy, no matter your space constraints or budget.


The Basics of Home Office Design Solutions

All great home office design solutions solve four problems. They provide space to work, offer privacy or limited distractions, house enough technology to do the job and are ergonomic enough to accommodate long hours at the computer. If a workspace lacks even one of these features, then working from home can change from a liberating experience to a nightmare.


Office Space Requirements

Too many home offices start off with the best intentions, but function is lost along the way due to limited room or resources. Give yourself enough space to do the job, or you will end up longing for the days of rush hour traffic. Being cramped is miserable and unproductive, so plan accordingly.

A basic workstation takes up around 16 square feet while a desk and side table arrangement should occupy around 25 square feet, according to the standards used by professional office designers.


Privacy and Productivity are Fundamental Home Office Design Features

After all, privacy and productivity is what your home office design is all about. Creating privacy can be difficult, but with a little ingenuity, most major distractions can be diminished if not eliminated entirely.

Putting your desk in front of your flat screen t.v. is a bad idea if others in the house watch programs during your work hours, but using a portable screen to separate you from the family works wonders. Whenever possible find an area away from normal household traffic and areas you know will distract you, or create a barrier of your own.

Style and design choices can help create an ideal office. Some colors promote productivity while others bring on depression. Windows provide natural light and bolster your mood. Consider a floor to ceiling frameless sliding glass wall, to give yourself a corner office feel in the comfort of your own home.

home office design solutions


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No One Wants to Look at Tangled Cords

Nothing mars a beautiful workstation like the multi-colored pile of spaghetti the cords make when improperly managed. Understand your needs before you commit to a location. You will require outlets, cables, and maybe even access to the modem or router. Choose furniture or cabinetry capable of hiding these eyesores, and you will enjoy your space infinitely more.


Don’t Buy an Uncomfortable Chair, No Matter How Stylish

It’s tempting to buy the most stylish seating available regardless of comfort, especially if the space is out in the open. That’s fine if you are building an occasional bill paying and tax time desk, but not if you plan on sitting for long hours hunched over a laptop. Buy pieces for comfort and style to make your attractive office functional.


Be Creative If You Don’t Have Much Room

In a suburban mini-mansion, finding space for an office is not too difficult. However, downtown condos and apartments pose an entirely different problem. Fortunately, there are some great ways to use otherwise dead space. Or, to create a hidden workstation out of thin air through the clever repurpose of cabinetry or furniture.

Space-Saver Ideas for Great Work Stations:

Under the Stairs

Face it, nothing else really fits in this awkward space. But a desk, chair, and laptop will. If your stairway is enclosed with drywall, consider opening it up and reclaiming the floor space for your home office.

In an Unused Closet

If you are lucky enough to have a guest bedroom, it’s likely that closet is going to waste. Winter jackets and old comforters can be stored somewhere else. Most double closets are deep enough to hold a desk with the doors closed, and an electrician can move power to the area for less than you think.

Armoire Computer Station

An armoire can be placed anywhere in the home and contain everything you need to launch a global company. Cabinets originally designed as entertainment units work great as they already have pass-throughs for wiring.

Built-In Murphy Desk

Hire a carpenter to convert a blank wall into a beautiful display of custom cabinetry that discreetly holds your home office and files. A custom cabinet will meet your specific needs and provide a productive area whenever one is needed.

Nook Conversion

Nooks are interesting architectural details that don’t really serve a purpose. After all, how many day beds or bookcases do you need? Fill up the space with an attractive desk and chair with matching file cabinets leave your commute behind.

Great home offices follow no set standards or rules. You are only limited by your vision. With a little creativity, you can find home office design solutions to provide a perfect workspace and add a stylish feature to your home no matter the constraints imposed by space and budget. Whether you are creating a small workstation to handle the monthly bills or starting a multinational business from your living room, there is a perfect design for you.


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