Sliding glass doors have become a staple in modern homes and commercial properties because of their unique ability to introduce more functionality, style, light, and flexibility to any space. Installing frameless sliding glass doors can create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you are considering installing a new door or replacing your current sliding door, there are a few things to consider when choosing the best sliding glass doors for your property. 


Durability & Performance

When installing a sliding glass door system, it’s essential to know that your investment will endure over time, even in high-traffic areas. Choosing high-quality, durable glass is critical to increasing the longevity of sliding doors. Your system has to be able to withstand the weather and heavy usage, so you’ll want to work with a professional to choose the best sliding glass doors for your property.  

Track systemCover Glass USA Sliding Glass Doors Top Hung System

Aside from using high-performance glass, you’ll also want to consider which track system is best for your home when installing frameless glass doors. Traditional bottom-hung systems consist of two rollers at the bottom of the door running on a track, with two guides at the top running in a guide channel to keep the door stable and steady in all weather conditions. Because all the door’s weight is concentrated on the two bottom wheels, it requires a considerable amount of force to move, putting the tracks under pressure over time.

Cover Glass USA’s top-hung frameless sliding glass door systems provide consistent and optimized performance & durability. Our specially designed top track supports the panels’ weight while the bottom track only guides the door taking no weight whatsoever. This helps maintain the functionality and fluidity of your sliding glass doors over time. Our glass door system is 5X stronger than regular glass, tested to withstand over 222 mph of wind, so you can rest assured in knowing your home will be protected from the elements at all times.

Cover Glass frameless glass door system


Security & Safety 

Having peace of mind that your home is safe from intruders, weather, and other environmental factors is a top priority for all homeowners. 

Traditional sliding doors can easily pop out of place or shatter when they aren’t properly protected, creating a genuine security threat. Sliding glass doors with strong lock and alarm systems are imperative for maintaining the security of your home. While these features offer an added layer of protection, the most important part is to make sure the doors are installed by a professional. 

Our specially engineered top-hung frameless sliding glass doors cannot be pried or lifted out of alignment, protecting against forced entry and high wind speeds. Our systems also include a deadbolt that locks both at the top and the bottom of the first panel to the inside of our glazing channel. This allows for a seamless look while maintaining safety. Alternatively, if you prefer “essential entry access” from the outside or a lock for every panel, Cover Glass offers flexible security options. 

Cover Glass system fully open

Cost & Energy Efficiency

While sliding glass doors may seem like a significant investment upfront, they’re one of the most cost-efficient options for your residential or commercial property. Installing sliding glass doors can help reduce energy bills and even protect the environment. Because frameless glass lets in more natural light, property owners can rely on sunlight rather than electricity during the daytime to conserve energy

To reap your sliding glass doors’ cost savings, ensure that the materials can maintain consistent indoor air temperatures. You’ll also want to make sure the doors are professionally installed to ensure they’re airtight.

Cover Glass sliding glass door systems enhance the efficiency of properties with Low-E technology. Instead of using traditional clear glazing, Cover Glass systems use a spectrally selective coating to reduce the risk of air leakages and maintain consistent temperatures within homes. 

Cover Glass doors with low-e coating

Aesthetic Appeal

Floor-to-ceiling glass has become a massively popular design trend for high-end homes across the country. This opulent design style allows for unobscured views, abundant natural light, and a futuristic feel, sure to impress guests. 

Our frameless glass doors take up 1 inch per panel when stacked, creating sleek efficiency whether they’re opened or closed. Because Cover Glass USA systems are mounted directly onto the ceiling, the tracks can be easily concealed, leaving no visible sign of the mounting hardware. This creates a clean aesthetic that fits seamlessly into modern-style homes.

Interior of home with frameless glass doors

Best Sliding Glass Doors For Your Home 

Frameless sliding glass doors are a simple yet impactful way to redefine your living experience. Cover Glass USA is an investment in your home’s appeal and overall value, thanks to premium Finnish engineering built into one innovative, intuitive solution. Cover Glass USA is a status statement of quality craftsmanship and dazzling beauty with its captivating design and held in high regard by world-class architects, homebuilders, and real-estate developers. 

Give us a call at (800) 317-2984, or request an online consultation to connect with our glass door and window experts to guide you through the best sliding glass door choice for you. 

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