Benefits of low-E glass

Glass is continuously becoming more and more common in new architecture. This is partly due to the continuous improvement of glass insulation, protection, and solar filtration. One of the more exciting improvements in the evolution of glass is Low-E (low emissivity) and the diverse benefits that come with it. 

What is Low-E Glass?

Low-E is a transparent window coating designed to minimize the penetration of ultraviolet and Infrared light while continuing to allow the passage of visible light. So, why do we use Low-E on our exterior frameless folding glass doors and windows, and what does this mean for you and your home? An increase in energy efficiency and savings through protection of your interior space.


What are the Benefits of Low-E Glass for your Windows and Doors?  

1.  Minimize Ultraviolet Light

It is not only harmful to you but is also the cause of sun-bleached carpets, wood, and fabric furniture. The sun's ultraviolet rays beat down on your furniture and home interior throughout the day causing it to lose its color and fade. Thanks to Low-E glass these effects are greatly minimized, ensuring that your home's interior stays beautiful for longer.

2. Saves Costs On Utility Bills

It is the source of heat and is the reason that your home and automobile heat up in the midday sun. This heat increases cooling costs and makes a home less comfortable during peak hours of sun exposure. Low-E glass reduces the amount of infrared light that enters the home, reducing your cooling costs. This way, your home's temperature is more stable throughout the day and night, which means you will be less inclined to switch on the heat once the sun goes down.

3. Visible Light

While tinting windows allows you to reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that enters your home, it also reduces the amount of infrared light that allows you to see. The Low-E coating on our sliding windows and doors allows the passage of visible light, to provide beautiful natural light, and reducing your cost for in home lighting.

benefits of low-e glass

4. Environmental Incentives

Did you know you may be eligible for tax credit, rebates and or monetary incentives if your home's windows meet Energy Star Requirements? Low-E glass windows are not only great ways to stay comfortable and becoming more environmentally conscious, but also provide serious opportunities to save money on your next window installation.  

5. Reduce Condensation Marks

Low-E glass windows are also great for eliminating unseemly condensation marks that are visibly present during warmer temperatures. When hot air comes in contact with cool window surfaces, this creates moisture, which quickly spreads across the entire window frame. Due to its ability to reflect unwarranted energy back into the direction it came from, Low-E glass windows keep your glass looking clean without visibility of water droplets.  

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