There are numerous options on the market for sliding glass doors and windows. The majority of products, however, use normal glass, which offers minimal energy efficiency and can easily become damaged or broken.


Cover Glass products, on the other hand, are made with the highest quality glass. Not only do they improve energy efficiency in the home, but they can also withstand any weather conditions — from high temperatures to pouring rain and powerful winds. In fact, Cover Glass provides the most significant number of glass door benefits of any brand.


Optimal Energy Efficiency



Energy efficiency is always a concern when you’re making a change to your home. Still, it is an especially important consideration when you’re looking to add a glass door or window. This is because up to 70 percent of energy loss and 90 percent of heat loss can be through glass alone.

However, such high energy and heat loss only occurs when you choose regular glass. In contrast, energy-efficient glass will keep your interior temperature consistent.

A top choice is low-E glass — which is what Cover Glass USA uses. Low-E features a thin coating on its surface that is invisible to the eye. The coating minimizes the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that can enter through the glass. At the same time, it stops climate-controlled air from leaving. The coating does all this without having any impact on visible light.




Protection from High Temperatures




Thermal Stress


Heat can lead to thermal stress in the glass. This occurs when there is a temperature difference across the sheet of glass. If there is too much stress, the glass will crack. The risk of thermal stress may mean you are unable to install a glass door or window in the size you want or in the place you want.

The good news is that when you choose tempered glass, there are no limitations as to where or how you can install your sliding glass system. Even when exposed to extremely hot temperatures, the glass will never suffer from thermal stress.


Bright Sunlight

The other problem that comes with high temperatures is bright sunlight. To stop too much light entering your home, you need window tinting and reflective glass. The former can block up to 99 percent of UV rays, whereas the latter will ensure the optimal amount of light will enter your home. Both are included in Cover Glass USA sliding systems.


Reflective glass brings several other benefits:


  • Although it does not affect views from indoors, reflective glass will stop people outside from being able to see in as easily as with clear glass.
  • Reflective glass reduces glare, meaning you can forgo shades or blinds during the day and take full advantage of the sunlight.
  • The reflective glass of today is nothing like the mirror glass of the 80s; it creates an attractive exterior that keeps changing in appearance as the sun moves across the sky. The glass looks particularly spectacular when it reflects the deep reds and bright oranges of a sunrise or sunset.
  • To further improve aesthetics, you can choose the tint of your reflective glass according to the architectural features of your building — like the spandrels, metal panels, and brick or stonework.
  • Finally, when combined with solar-controlling low-E coating, reflective glass can shine back incoming radiant heat energy to keep your HVAC costs low.


Cover Glass Benefits 


With Cover Glass, you have a variety of options to choose from for your glass doors and windows. All of these products share a few critical characteristics.


Tempered Glass


Our sliding glass systems consist of a series of glass panels. Each of these panels is made from two industrial laminated pieces of tempered glass. Not only is this extra strong under high temperatures, but the glass is also almost impossible to break — including excessive force.


Low-E Glass



We always use low-E glass in our sliding doors and windows. The result for you is a greener home, lower utility bills, and no risk of the fading of your furnishings, even when they are in direct sunlight.


Protective UV Layer


As well as using low-E glass, we add a protective UV layer to our glass panels to further combat sun bleaching.


Custom Design



We personalize every glass wall system to the homeowner’s needs and preferences. The dimensions of the glass door or window are all customized. This includes the tint of glass, track colors, where to stack the panels, and the shape of the sliding system. Also, we can work with a third party to etch a custom design into your glass.


Weatherproof Glass Panels



Heat and sunlight are only two weather-related factors that can damage your home — wind and rain can also wreak havoc. We weatherproof our glass systems in several ways to protect your furniture and other aspects of your home:


  • Sealed tracks. Before installing the glass panels, we seal the tracks. This is essential for preventing water from entering your home through the track, which could lead to severe damage to your flooring.


  • Drainage in the tracks. Water from rain and pressure washing will end up in the tracks. The important thing is to make sure this water drains away. We will drill weep holes (usually one per panel, although we customize this according to the project) at the lowest point of the track.


  • Interlocking channels. Our glass panels are also completely sealed from water, as well as from drafts. This is thanks to the interlocking channels. In addition, these interlocking channels offer UV protection, just like glass itself.



Cover Glass products are the best option for all types of sliding glass systems for their vast number of glass door benefits. Request a quote for more information about the possibilities of including a Cover Glass system in your home.



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