Frameless glass doors and windows have come a long way from their hand-blown, lead-framed crown glass origins. This modern, seamless version can add a unique aesthetic and a variety of benefits to buildings. While the commercial application of frameless glass is the hallmark of Apple stores, frameless glass doors and windows are also popular in residential construction, office buildings and educational settings. 

The Advantages of Frameless Glass Doors

Without cumbersome frames and attachments, frameless glass windows and doors offer unobstructed views. Whether the coveted view is of the sparkling ocean, a lush garden, or children playing, frameless glass doors and windows are available for interior and exterior use. They have all the benefits of an open space, combined with protection from the elements and soundproofing.

"We didn't invent the view, we just perfected it." - Cover Glass USA

Less framework means more light, both direct and indirect. According to Architectural Lighting Magazine, this is referred to as daylighting, “...the use of natural light, be it brilliant sunlight or muted overcast light, to support the visual demands of building occupants.” Daylighting helps regulate indoor temperature and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

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Frameless Glass Doors at Home

Frameless glass windows and doors add to a home’s value by giving it a spacious feel. Interior frameless sliding glass doors visually increase square footage, and preserve an open floor plan while allowing for separate spaces. Separating two rooms indoors with glass can create soundproofing and also help lower utility bills.

Frameless glass patio doors "Welcome the Outside In"®, providing full-sized, visually uninterrupted views. Fully retracting frameless glass windows and doors extend living space to the outside. The frameless glass panels may be individually adjusted to allow for various degrees of ventilation.

Increased natural daylight and ventilation lead to a healthier home environment. With growing concern about indoor pollutants, frameless glass doors and windows allow large openings to quickly flush out stale indoor air. European studies have shown that daylighting, which is enhanced by frameless glass, improve productivity, focus and mental health.

Frameless glass doors and windows are much safer than conventional ones, offering superior home security. They are five times thicker than standard glass. The panels cannot be lifted off their tracks, and the door can only be locked from the inside.


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Frameless Glass Doors in the Office

The modern workplace has open plan spaces, with frameless glass windows and doors often replacing solid walls. This increases the adaptability of the space, allowing more people to fit into less space without feeling crowded. An office or conference room can be opened or closed depending on the type of space needed. Glass doors and windows can also provide work surfaces, substituting for whiteboards and bulletin boards.

Collaboration and communication are enhanced with frameless glass in the workplace. Instead of sequestering staff in a solid walled-off cubicle or office, glass makes work visible and encourages interaction, the opposite of “out of sight, out of mind.” Even people who need a quiet, soundproof space can still have a view of their peers or the outdoors.

A study at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology discovered that people who work in buildings where they are exposed to natural daylight feel more energetic than those working in environments with artificial lighting. Other research shows increased productivity and feelings of well-being when windows increase exposure to sunlight and views of the outdoors. Daylighting is also found to decrease illness and absences in the workplace.


Frameless Glass Windows and Doors At School

Colleges and universities are on the cutting edge of improved educational design, bringing classrooms out of the dark ages with frameless glass windows and doors. Higher education libraries have long used glass windows and doors, both interior and exterior, to shine light on their inner workings. Cafeterias, student lounges and study areas utilize sliding frameless glass to bring air circulation, natural light and reconfigure spaces on campus.

High schools, middle schools and even elementary schools are acting on recent studies that prove more natural light equals higher student productivity and teacher morale. Frameless glass windows and doors allow light to penetrate through classrooms into once-shadowy hallways. Inspiration abounds as children face brilliant outdoor views on one side, and turn to see peers in adjoining classrooms collaborating on the other side. Teachers and students easily join forces on projects, simply sliding the frameless glass doors aside to support interaction.

Frameless glass windows and doors can be integrated into any building design, whether commercial, residential, business or education. With benefits ranging from increased productivity to improved mental health, they bring a completely new meaning to the term “people who live in glass houses.”

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