If you’re in the process of reinventing how doors and windows could transform your space, choosing between framed and frameless sliding glass doors is a big decision. But, we want to help make it a little easier.

The Benefits of Frameless Glass Doors

Here are 5 reasons to consider frameless glass doors and windows when considering functionality, aesthetics, and safety. 

1. Enhanced Flexibility

Have you been dreaming about merging two rooms, yet still keep the possibility of a divider wall in case you need a private space or an extra on-the-spot guest room? Do you want to open up to the patio in such a way that virtually nothing gets in the way? 


One traditional option is to go with French doors. While they carry some charm, they limit you in many ways. Firstly, they can only open 6 feet wide. Secondly, these doors need more swinging space which retrains your decorating and furnishing freedom. 

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Bottom-rolling sliding doors are another common choice. However, they too are hard to custom-fit. If you want to enjoy the full expanse of a wall, you can only slide one panel. With top-hung sliding doors, you may be able to double the open width, but each door panel rests parallel to the wall.


Cover Glass’s fold-and-stack frameless glass doors and windows are the Swiss army knife of space flexibility. Manufactured to your exact dimensions, the panels fully open to eliminate barriers and discreetly stack on one side. 

2. Superior Design and Style Options

Does your house feature curved walls or odd angles that have previously limited what you can do? This might have been the case with traditional patio doors and standard windows, but frameless glass doors offer more options. 


Cover Glass can install frameless panels in nearly any configuration, bending inward or outward, or at various angles so your space’s unique characteristics are enhanced rather than ignored. Because all the systems are custom-manufactured, we can outfit walls of any size with panels of 18” to 33” in width and up to 110” in height. 


You can enclose a balcony, choose a counter-high system to maximize your kitchen workspace, or reinvent the concept of open space by removing the separation between indoor and outdoor. We also propose a selection of glass and track colors to satisfy your preferences and better match your décor.

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3. Unparalleled Safety and Security


Windows and doors are often weak points in a house. Bottom-rolling doors are easy to lift off their track and most only have one panel that locks. When code doesn’t require tempered glass, standard windows and glass doors break into dangerously sharp shards. 


Cover Glass takes safety and security very seriously. Whether your concern is to hinder housebreaking, protect your family or resist tropical storm winds with no property damage, we can promise you peace of mind. Our frameless doors and windows are made of two layers of tempered glass with industrial lamination, resulting in a product that is 5x stronger than regular tempered glass.


Cover Glass locking systems are mounted on the inside, at the top and bottom of the end panels, and you have the option to install a lock on each panel. It’s nearly impossible to pull top-hung panels off their tracks. In other words, you are protected inside and out!


4. Functionality Meets Aesthetics

Believe it or not, doors and windows can be a beautiful accent to any home. Frameless glass doors are one of a kind and allow more airflow, create a seamless transition between areas, and are easy to clean. 


The gorgeous and timeless beauty of glass means you can’t get tired of it. With no clunky hardware or track sticking out of the floor like an eyesore (and a tripping hazard), you can take in the views without distraction and make your living space part of the landscape.


Frameless doors and windows create a feeling of wellbeing other systems simply don’t provide. Their inherent value goes beyond the investment and transforms your lifestyle into a priceless experience.

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5. Trustworthy Installation

Renovation projects are a common source of worry. In most cases, you have to work with many parties, from designer to distributor to contractor. Anything can happen at any time, but the installation step can be the trickiest, mostly due to the fact that third-parties are hired to do the job. How, then, can you be sure the product will be what you expected? 


Cover Glass USA understands these concerns and is determined to never introduce third parties into your house. Our own teams install your frameless sliding glass doors and apply strict standards of precision, quality and service. The process is transparent from start to finish and managed exclusively by us, from ordering and designing to measuring and fitting. 


Your beautiful house deserves uniqueness. Don’t settle for practicality only. Don’t choose between security and style. You can get it all! Want to learn more about Cover Glass? Check out some of our frequently asked questions below!


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