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We can’t all get a job that allows us to spend countless hours outdoors, enjoying fresh air, green spaces and physical activity. Yet, those elements account for increased productivity at work. Extra oxygen, visual appeal and natural light are some of the factors that directly correlate with professional performance (or performance of any kind, for that matter). How can you incorporate those elements in a work environment so both brain and body benefit, without moving your desk to the terrace? Welcome the Outside In™ with frameless sliding glass wall systems and other nature-infused elements.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants aren’t just beautiful; they offer fresh air all day as they silently convert exhaled carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen for your primary motor functions. Incorporating green spaces into your work area can influence your workday in a positive way, psychologists say, and ought to be added to workplaces for more effective work.

Nature boosts productivity. Having nature-focused spaces in the workplace rather than the stripped-down generic office interior you may be used to can help improve worker productivity as well as mental creativity, and there have been studies that back this claim up with data.

After a study by psychologists at Exeter University, it was concluded that employees’ increase in productivity is 15% on average, after their lean, bland work environments are filled with even only several household plants. They attribute an increase in productivity and active employee engagement, being calmed and stimulated at the same time by their new green friends.

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Frameless Sliding Glass Walls and Doors

Nature and worker productivity seem to have some kind of connection. When workers are around plants and other natural elements, like say a waterfall or stream for example, it has an energizing impact. Natural light is good for employees, as well. Fluorescent lighting is fine for many plants, but humans do prefer to feel the natural rays of the visible spectrum hit their eyes from time to time. Working near a window or glass door is better for health.

Offices at ground level and up can benefit from architectural designs featuring frameless sliding glass doors, walls, and windows.  Frameless glass panels help create a more open workspace that lets in more natural light and shares the scenery outside with the employees within. Workers can have a more open workday with a sliding glass door system that slides and stacks with ease at 90 degree angles on either side.


Time in nature, and even exposure to the color green, can evoke a serene sensation within us. This primal sensation of being attracted to pastoral scenery, especially images of a pathway through a field or a forest, is deeply ingrained in all of us. Somehow, it centers our state of mind and soothes our senses in a way that enhances creativity and makes us feel like we are in a better place. Adding some green to your usually drab environment, usually existing in various shades of gray and beige, livens the senses enough to evoke a bit more energetic response in people instead of the mundane response they may typically have given otherwise. 

Focus on trying to increase the natural lighting available, or bringing in some house plants, or even some pictures of plants. Yes, even looking at images of green scenes has been measured to show that it relieves stress, improves mood, and energizes creativity and productivity. Imagine how much greenery a frameless glass wall system could bring to space.

In one analysis, it was shown that workers who had a view out a window that faced a natural scene took 19% less sick days than their coworkers who could not see out of a window throughout the course of their workday. Another study showed that patients who received treatment for bipolar disorder in one hospital were discharged several full days earlier when they happened to have stayed in a room with natural light coming in. Clearly, one can draw the connection between the health, both mental and physical, of employees and the amount of sunlight and scenery they can see while they work. Installing windows where there were no windows before can reduce absenteeism and boost employee morale.

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Breaks from Digital Screens

Taking time off from looking at the screen is vital for avoiding eye-strain and exhausting yourself before the workday is through. All offices should have a screen-free zone if possible. Break free from your screen every so often, take a walk around the building, gaze out your office’s frameless sliding glass walls and doors, give your eyes a break. Proper ergonomic practices should be implemented by any good office manager or business owner, and educating employees on good work safety habits like taking breaks from looking at your monitor, placing the screen at the right height, and proper posture to avoid neck strain and back pain, and etcetera.

For all the time when you do have to look to a computer monitor, you can take advantage of a free program called f.lux that tunes the tint of your monitor in a way that excites the eyes less and can be easier on many people than the full level of “blue light” that emanates from your screen.

Walking Lunches 

They say “sitting is the new smoking.”

The medical evidence is mounting that sitting for prolonged periods without interruption of the sedentary motionlessness has an accumulative negative overall health effect on the body. One great way to keep the metabolism regular is to make movement a regular part of your day. Enjoy the benefits of a nice walk each day and take some time to just enjoy the stroll. 

Studies which collected answers from respondents who either did or didn’t make a habit of taking a midday walk have given us evidence implying a brisk 30 minute walk 3 days a week gave them a boost in their outlook and disposition.

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